Fan Tan is the most popular form of poker playing today. With the boom in online gambling, this game has become huge in recent years. And Fun88 explain you a little bit about how to play it.

The aim of the game is to create the best 5 cards out of any combination of two separate cards - the hole - is dealt with you face down and five community cards dealt face-up that everyone can. use.


The cards are always dealt clockwise; betting also goes clockwise. Each player in turn makes the deal, or button, as it is also known.

The action always starts on the left side of anyone with an agreement, which moves around one player after each hand.


Two players on the left side of the dealer place the blind bet. This is a mandatory bet. Fan Tan The player to the immediate left of the dealer is the small bet and the next player to their left makes the big bet. The big blind is a double bet of the small blind.

Open trading

Now the game can start. Fan tan tricks Moving clockwise around the table from the dealer, each player receives two face-down cards that only they can see. These are also known as pocket or hole cards. These cards are not visible to other players.

First Betting Round

For this betting round, each player has three choices. They can fold, raise or call the last biggest bet.

Because the bettors have effectively opened the door, the others in the game must at least call this bet to stay on hand in this round. Bets will spin clockwise around the table until each player calls, folds or raises. Fan Tan If no one raises the money at the time the bet is returned to the person who registered the big bet, that player can check their blind spot, fold bet or their own bet.


After completing the first betting round, it is time for the flop to start. The flop is three cards dealt face down in the center of the table. Now each player uses these three community cards to build a five-card hand.

Now is the time for another round. This begins with the first player still in the dealer's immediate left hand, regardless of whether the dealer is still active in the hand or not.

Since there are no blinds at this time for players to match, players are free to check.

If everyone checks, or when they have all placed equal amounts, it's time to move on to the next card and betting round.


After the flop has ended, the fourth card is dealt on the table. This is the card in turn. Again, it can be used by all players to create their best hand. As before, another round of betting starts at this point.


Now is the time for the fifth and final card, called the river. The player then decides on their final best five cards.

It's the last bet. If multiple players remain on hand after this round, they will move on to the match.

The showdown

Now is the time to see who gets the pot. Each player still declares their hand, starting with the last person to bet, the second last, etc., unless they choose to place the hand, similar to folding. If a player wins the wager by forcing all the others to fold the cards on the river through a solo bet, there will be no match and the winner can decide whether to give their hand. are not.

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